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CHART Seminar: The myth of the self-driving automobile

November 13, 2018

Self-driving vehicles are being widely promoted as innovations that will significantly improve driving safety by reducing human error. While increases in safety are the stated goal for HAV, the reality is that this argument seriously neglects the value that human drivers bring to the transportation system. The automation conundrum shows that “the more automation is added to a system, and the more reliable and robust that automation is, the less likely that human operators overseeing the automation will be aware of critical information and able to take over manual control when needed.

A model of human autonomy interaction will be presented based on the past 40 years of research on human-automation interaction. This mod el shows key factors that will need to be considered to achieve successful interaction with autonomous systems based on shared situation awareness between the human and the system autonomy.

Dr. Mica Endsley is President of SA Technologies, a cognitive engineering firm working in the aviation, automotive, military, health care and power systems industries, and she is the former Chief Scientist for the US Air Force. She has also held the positions of Visiting Associate Professor at MIT in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at Texas Tech University.

Human, AI and robot teaming