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Technology transforms crime and creates new evidence

Our increasingly connected, smart lives open us to new threats and acts of digital malfeasance and sabotage. But as new brands of criminals adapt to countermeasures, our legal system struggles to catch up when it comes to the proper use of digital evidence.

GSI is defining the new frontiers of cyber defense technology and designing solutions for industry and government partners

Through the Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, GSI educates the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, develops groundbreaking tools to improve security and promotes innovation by supporting entrepreneurship among ASU faculty.


  • digital forensics 

  • threat intelligence 

  • social and cultural challenges in cybersecurity  

  • dark web market behaviors 

  • identity and privacy management 

  • network, systems and data assurance 

  • next-generation authentication methods 

  • governance and regulation of emerging technologies 

Featured project

Tracking threats on the darknet

A darknet monitoring system designed at GSI takes a proactive approach to cyberattacks, identifying potential attacks before they take place. The system monitors roughly 120 sites at a time for relevant traffic and content. It is more than 90 percent accurate in detecting threats on darknet markets and 80 percent accurate at detecting threats on darknet forums.