Global Security Initiative


A good decision is an informed decision

Effective decision-making in complex and rapidly changing environments requires certain key ingredients, including the collection and dissemination of accurate and timely information, engagement with and convening of relevant stakeholders, and mutually beneficial processes for dissemination, deliberation and analysis.

GSI leverages partnerships and develops processes for informed decisions

Our partners include Center for Strategic Communication, Decision Theater and Decision Center for a Desert City. Together, we develop tools and processes aimed at improving the decision-making process for defense and security practitioners.


  • developing tools to better share and analyze incoming data¬†
  • developing effective, efficient and timely decision-making processes¬†
  • narrative analysis research to inform multiple stakeholders in strategic communication, intelligence and information operations

Featured project

Analyzing messaging to mitigate threats

GSI and its affiliate, ASU's Center for Strategic Communication, are partnering with Lockheed Martin to investigate how parties hostile to U.S. interests might frame a story in the media to justify and generate support for future actions. For example, an adversary may claim a local population is oppressed to justify a coming invasion. By identifying storytelling trends that indicate an imminent act, this research will help policymakers to identify potential threats and improve the odds of deterrence.