Global Security Initiative

Health security

Risks to human health are persistent and ever-changing

Global health threats include traditional concerns such as communicable diseases and bioterrorism as well as non-traditional concerns that impact human health such as persecution, migration and resource insecurity.

GSI’s responsive and anticipatory research promotes and secures the health and resilience of individuals, communities and populations globally

The use-inspired projects at GSI aim to find innovative solutions to global health challenges, and include cutting-edge modeling and health data analytics, biomedical engineering, public policy analysis and evidence-based practice implementation science.


  • providing public health policymakers with robust anticipatory analyses for preparing for, and effectively combating, future short- and long-term threats to health security
  • developing and implementing novel diagnostic tools for the rapid detection and surveillance of disease and non-disease threats to health security and human resilience

  • devising and promoting strategies for preparing for, responding to and recovering from large-scale outbreaks of naturally and unnaturally occurring epidemics

Featured project

Solar-powered learning

GSI is helping to bring health education and other resources to remote villages in the Pacific Islands through the use of solar-powered digital libraries. The libraries, called SolarSPELL, give Peace Corps volunteers and residents living in areas with no internet connectivity access to vital health-related information, often conveyed through videos and pictures. More than 200 of these open-source libraries have been delivered.