Global Security Initiative

Resource security

Resource security is national security

Scarcity and volatility of food, energy, water and other essential resources has a direct impact on a nation’s stability and security. Droughts, floods, temperature variation, energy disruptions, famines and other factors associated with resource security can lead to infrastructure hazards, political instability, mass migration, disease outbreak and spread, and armed conflict.

GSI is developing local, national and global response capabilities to resource instability

Together with university partners, we are examining the impact of environmental change on water, food, energy and associated social dynamics at local, regional and global scales. GSI is creating tools that allow analysts and decision-makers to dynamically interact with diverse data sets in a real-time modeling and simulation environment to inform local and national resiliency and sustainability strategies.


  • developing tools to investigate impacts on fundamental resources and social changes on all levels

  • providing comprehensive toolsets for policymakers to analyze diverse data sets 

  • real-time modeling and simulation resources to determine effective sustainability and resiliency strategies 

Featured project

Finding the best solutions for worst-case scenarios

GSI researchers are helping create a more sustainable future by investigating the interplay between food, energy and water systems and how a major disruption or transition in one could drastically affect the others. The team will not only define and analyze potential problems within the food, energy and water nexus, but package that data into actionable information and create simulations that policymakers and others can use to plan ahead and make decisions.