DatePresenterTitleEvent Info
13 Sep 2023 Lara Ferry, Kristina Nelson Taking the Pentagon to the People (TTPTTP) panel for facultyInfo
28 Jun 2023Paulo Shakarian, Nancy Cooke, Kristina NelsonPrinciples for Principal Investigators (PI 101)Info
07 Jun 2023Kristina NelsonMarket Your Research: Quad ChartsInfo
17 May 2023Jamie WintertonFive Star Proposals: The Heilmeier CatechismInfo
28 Apr 2023Kristina NelsonConnect to the SponsorInfo
23 Apr 2023Jamie Winterton, Roslynn RuniaStrategic Research Initiatives with the Dept of Defense (DoD): Kickstart Your DoD ResearchInfo
03 Apr 2023Kristina NelsonFY24 Dept of Defense (DoD) Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) overviewInfo
28 Feb 2023Kristina NelsonFY23 Office of Naval Research (ONR) Long Range BAAInfo

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