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Visualization and analytics

More data than we know what to do with

The internet of things — including smart systems and cyber-enabled infrastructure — is generating large-scale, real-time datasets that provide new information on a broad range of problems and a deeper understanding of how the world operates. But as the sheer amount of data grows, the ability of humans to review and parse it diminishes. If big data is going to help decision-makers better use resources, predict potential outcomes and anticipate challenges, the development of user-friendly algorithms and tools that can extract insights and summarize trends is critical.

GSI creates tools that clarify and effectively communicate key information

Our tools enable decision-makers to better plan for and respond to changing events while making judgments that are credible, salient and legitimate. GSI’s goal is to enhance the analytics process of domain analysts and reduce the cognitive burden generated by the ever-increasing data deluge.

To ensure our research leads to impact, we work closely with partners in government, foundations and private industry to build visualization and analytics methods that directly support their workflow.


  • data analytics

  • operations research and systems analysis

  • economic analysis

  • homeland security risk sciences

  • food-energy-water nexus analysis and visualization

  • spatiotemporal modeling and prediction for criminal analytics

  • social media analytics

Featured project

Streamlining operations through big data

The Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency is part of our effort to effectively employ big data. A U.S. Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence, it is tasked with developing and applying advanced analytical tools and technologies to enhance planning, information sharing and real-time decision-making in homeland security operations.

Led by ASU, the national consortium provides education and training on analytical skills and tools to homeland security professionals throughout the country.