Global Security Initiative

The Human Security Collaboratory


Portrait of Marisa Duarte

Co-director: Marisa Duarte

Marisa Duarte is an assistant professor in ASU’s School of Social Transformation in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Her research revolves around problems of information, knowledge and technology in Native American and indigenous contexts. Within the Human Security Collaboratory, she develops research projects that advance science, technology and society studies, and also shape the health and well-being of the many peoples of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. Duarte earned her bachelor’s degree in creative writing from the University of Arizona as well as a Master of Library and Information Science from Catholic University of America and a doctorate in information science from the University of Washington. 

Portrait of Jessica Rajko

Co-director: Jessica Rajko

An assistant professor in the School of Film, Dance and Theater in ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Jessica Rajko is an interdisciplinary researcher exploring the ethical and tangible implications of big data, wearable technologies, and digital infrastructures from diverse perspectives and feminist approaches to interaction design. Using methods rooted in somatically informed dance, she investigates the corporeal implications of digital technology design and use. Jessica has presented and performed in various collaborative artworks nationally and internationally, including Amsterdam’s OT301, Harvard’s ArtTechPsyche IV, Toronto’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche festival, New York City’s Gotham Festival at The Joyce Theatre.  She was named one of Phoenix New Times’s “100 Creatives of 2016” and has been commissioned by the Currents New Media Festival, Breaking Ground Dance Festival, Mesa Arts Center, Heard Museum, and Phoenix Art Museum.