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Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency

Split second decision-making. The shrewd allocation of scarce resources. Accurately predicting cascading consequences of natural and man-made disasters. Designing and implementing more efficient and effective security measures.

These are just a sampling of the challenges faced by our nation’s homeland security workforce.

The Center for Accelerating Operational Efficiency (CAOE) aims to make these challenges less daunting, using cutting-edge technology to provide these decision-makers with the most relevant information, near-immediate updates as circumstances change, predictive tools to help improve resource and response planning, and systems they can feel confident will improve the odds of mission success and public safety.


Led by GSI, CAOE is a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence, which draws upon the expertise of faculty in data analytics, operations research and systems analysis, homeland security risk sciences, and economic analysis. ASU partners with Georgia Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, University at Albany — State University of New York, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, University of Southern California, University of Chicago, University of Texas at El Paso, and the University of California, Irvine.