Global Security Initiative

Economic security

A precarious global network of economic systems

Globalization and freer trade has created a world economic system of tightly integrated nations and given consumers more options at lower prices. Yet this interconnectedness has also spawned new economic threats and modes of aggression, enabling small, localized shocks to generate rapidly cascading effects at a global scale.

Understanding the vulnerabilities of economic interdependence and enhancing resilience to distant economic disruptions are crucial to national security and global stability.

GSI works to anticipate economic threats and potential cascading effects to proactively implement interventions

Our holistic, systems approach seeks to understand economic relationships and use advanced data and modeling techniques to anticipate behavior of these complex economic systems. Economic security is fundamental to social stability, sustainable development and national resilience strategies.


  • uncovering the largely hidden networks of interdependence among economic units at local, regional and global scales 

  • developing analytics, visualizations and decision support tools that enable leaders and decision-makers to make more informed choices 

  • constructing novel, network-based metrics of system resilience under a range of spatial and temporal scales 

  • informing national trade and economic strategies

Featured project

Tools to target job growth

Software developed by GSI is helping government officials around Maricopa County to develop more informed job creation strategies and better prioritize targets for job growth. The tool uses big data to identify strengths and weaknesses of local labor forces, and is also being used in the private sector to help companies determine locations that have an existing labor force with the skill set they need.