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The DEF CON Capture the Flag competition is the pinnacle of competitive hacking, and a team led by GSI researchers create the challenges.

GSI's Jamie Winterton comments in a Slate article on best practices for informing customers when their personal information has been stolen

CDF Associate Director Adam Doupe discuss robocalls and scams with Michigan's National Public Radio station.

GSI's Jamie Winterton spoke to AZ Central about the odd situation, in which a Cox cable customer suddenly was able to access strangers' email accounts

CHECRS project seeks to build a human-assisted autonomous tool for finding and analyzing software vulnerabilities that also learns from and incorporates human strengths of intuition and ingenuity.

An opinion piece in CNN Business about the steps necessary to combat the scourge of robocalls, by CDF Associate Director Adam Doupe.

GSI leaders discuss the law, policy, and privacy concerns around DNA sharing

GSI affiliate Tiffany Bao and colleagues win best cybersecurity paper in a National Security Agency competition

GSI's Jamie Winterton comments on the issue in the Washington Post's 'The Cybersecurity 202' column.

GSI's Jamie Winterton offers some easy tips on how to protect children online

GSI experts weigh in on what it takes to help students become cybersecurity experts

GSI's Jamie Winterton discusses the importance of looking at election security as more than just a software challenge

GSI's Jamie Winterton comments on the DOJ's recent cyber digital task force report, and the idea of legislating access to encrypted devices

CDF Associate Director Adam Doupé discusses the evolution of hacking in the wake of another large data breach

CDF Associate Director Adam Doupé discusses California's new privacy law and how it compares to Arizona's

GSI's Jamie Winterton discusses how Congress can meaningfully help victims of large data breaches

CDF Associate Director Adam Doupé discusses the increase in robocalls and phone scams

GSI Director Nadya Bliss explains what's behind the onslaught of privacy policy updates

The Washington Post's new platform for cybersecurity issues, The Network, tabbed GSI Director of Strategy Jamie Winterton to serve on its panel of experts.

Startup company CYR3CON builds stronger defenses against the dark web

Director Nadya Bliss comments on the congressional testimony of Facebook's CEO

Director of Strategy Jamie Winterton discusses the benefits and risks of the internet of things

Director of Strategy Jamie Winterton gives tips for teaching children how to navigate the internetc

CDF's Adam Doupe discusses challenges with deleting data

Director Nadya Bliss takes part in partnership talks on a Digital Innovation Hub

A look at ASU researchers working to protect your information

Director of Strategy Jamie Winterton comments on the national security implications of purchasing smart phones produced by two Chinese companies

GSI Director Nadya Bliss discusses the growing complexity of security challenges around the globe, and how research can help address these challenges.

Interview: GSI's Winterton shares how hacked consumer information is only the start of security worries.

Jamie Winterton advises consumers on how to stay safe in the age of always on, always connected devices.

The Legal Analytics and Big Data Workshop drew industry-wide experts and stakeholders in the field of legal analytics from across the country.

The awards, which are in their 14th year, celebrate the visionaries of Arizona’s technology ecosystem.

In light of the Equifax hack and other high-profile data breaches, Winterton shares why compromised consumer information may be the least of our data security worries.

Jamie Winterton offers thoughts on U.S.-China relations and a look at how to combat future cyberattacks.

GSI launches the Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, which will take a proactive, interdisciplinary approach to the issue of cybersecurity.

J. Winterton provides commentary on Obama and Xi press conference.