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GSI Director Nadya Bliss discusses the growing complexity of security challenges around the globe, and how research can help address these challenges.


May 30, 2018,

Held in Washington D.C., this summit showcases the research and tools produced by universities in support of homeland security.

September 14, 2017,

Experts from Germany and Arizona will discuss Germany’s energy transition

GSI's Jamie Winterton discusses how Congress can meaningfully help victims of large data breaches

GSI's Jamie Winterton discusses on KJZZ's 'The Show'

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CDF Associate Director Adam Doupé discusses the increase in robocalls and phone scams

Director Nadya Bliss discusses the future of Artificial intelligence, its potential impact on defense missions, and the need for future AI research to be interdisciplinary

GSI's Jamie Winterton weighs in on the topic

GSI Director Nadya Bliss explains what's behind the onslaught of privacy policy updates