Resource Security

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What is Resource Security?

Climate change, and its effects on the limited resources we need to survive, is one of today’s wicked problems — problems involving complex interdependencies and/or conflicting objectives where there may be no solutions. Droughts, floods, increased temperature and other outcomes associated with climate can further limit resources and intensify conflicts to control them. This can lead to social and political effects such as migration, disease outbreak and spread, and political instability. Each of these could have significant impact on our national security.

This is a multi-organizational effort that is developing research products, tools, and processes for decision-making in the context of environmental change and national security dynamics at local, regional, and global scales.

  • Examine the impact of environmental change on water, food and energy and associated social dynamics at local, regional and global scales
  • Develop research products, tools and processes for decision making in the context of environmental change 
  • Allow analysts and decision makers to dynamically interact with diverse data sets in a real-time modeling and simulation environment 
  • Inform sustainability and resilience strategies

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