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Arizona State University’s Global Security Initiative catalyzes defense and security research throughout the university — from building new sponsor relationships through project execution. As part of this mission, GSI offers targeted pre-award support for faculty and staff pursuing security-related research.

GSI has extensive experience with government and industry sponsors, particularly in the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC). GSI has helped create successful projects with federal DoD/IC/DHS sponsors, and has shepherded partnerships with national labs and research-centric industry partners.


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Increase of ASU HERD expenditures for DoD over the past 2 years


GSI-managed pre-proposals/full proposals submitted FY23

GSI pre-award team key offerings

  • Sponsor/funding opportunity identification and consultation
  • Building relationships with sponsor program managers
  • Administrative proposal management (e.g., proposal formatting and structural considerations, templates, guidelines)
  • Parsing complex funding announcements for eligibility, required components, due dates, etc.
  • Team meeting facilitation (e.g., kick-offs and post-submission retrospectives)
  • Compile proposal components in collaboration with a Research Advancement Administrator (RA) to streamline submission process
  • Liaison with financial and administrative contacts, both internal and external to ASU
  • “Red team” review of final proposal (e.g., sponsor relevance, document design, funding announcement compliance)


  1. Intake two-week rule

    New requests for pre-award team management must be received no later that two weeks prior to the sponsor deadline.
  2. Services offered

    Please be aware that our team continually manages multiple complex proposals with overlapping deadlines. During peak workload times, we may only be able to offer select features of proposal management.
  3. Proposal kick-off meeting

    To ensure quality submissions, GSI holds kick-off meetings for all submissions that our team manages, with only rare exceptions. Please prepare for the Proposal Manager to ask for your availability and a list of attendees for the initial kick-off meeting.
  4. Deadlines/proposal schedule

    Thank you in advance for adhering to all deadlines suggested by the Proposal Manager. Our team is certified in proposal management industry best practices. The tools and templates we use are to ensure your submission is a success.
  5. Red team review

    A red team review of the technical narrative prior to submission to the sponsor is strongly encouraged in general. Any proposal that may have a classified component must be reviewed by or discussed with GSI’s Senior Director of Research Strategy prior to submission.
  6. GSI pre-award intake form

    Complete the proposal intake form to get started.

GSI pre-award intake form

Complete the proposal intake form to get started.


DatePresenterPresentation/Event TitleEvent Info
Mar-Apr 2024Kristina NelsonThe Polytechnic School (TPS) and School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks (MSN) new faculty Dept of Defense Principal Investigator (PI) workshop seriesby invitation
16 Nov 2023Kristina NelsonFY24 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Young Faculty Award (YFA)Info
Oct-Nov 2023Kristina NelsonSchool of Computing and Augmented Intelligence (SCAI) new faculty Dept of Defense Principal Investigator (PI) workshop seriesby invitation
13 Sep 2023 Lara Ferry, Kristina Nelson Taking the Pentagon to the People (TTPTTP) panel for facultyInfo
28 Jun 2023Paulo Shakarian, Nancy Cooke, Kristina NelsonPrinciples for Principal Investigators (PI 101)Info
07 Jun 2023Kristina NelsonMarket Your Research: Quad ChartsInfo
17 May 2023Jamie WintertonFive Star Proposals: The Heilmeier CatechismInfo
28 Apr 2023Kristina NelsonConnect to the SponsorInfo
23 Apr 2023Jamie Winterton, Roslynn RuniaStrategic Research Initiatives with the Dept of Defense (DoD): Kickstart Your DoD ResearchInfo
03 Apr 2023Kristina NelsonFY24 Dept of Defense (DoD) Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) overviewInfo
28 Feb 2023Kristina NelsonFY23 Office of Naval Research (ONR) Long Range BAAInfo

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