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Creating the future cybersecurity workforce

Cybersecurity is critical to national security, and ASU is filling the need through hands-on experience, innovative education and world-class research.

ASU professor wins $1M DoD grant to boost AI technology

Pavan Turga’s Geometric Media Lab at ASU has been working on fusing different methods, including mathematical, physical and data-driven, to

Fortifying the foundations of cybersecurity

ASU’s new Center for Cybersecurity and Trusted Foundations aims to more holistically address the long-term cybersecurity challenges facing

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state Lawmakers push creation of artificial intelligence regulation at committee meeting

NDSI’s interim director, Dr. Joshua Garland, recently spoke about artificial intelligence regulation at the New Mexico Legislative Session.

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Cyber experts say controversial U.S. spying powers should stay — but with some revisions

GSI’s director of strategy, Jamie Winterton, speaks to the Washington Post Cybersecurity 202 Network.

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ASU engineering sees millions invested in new equipment

ASU’s Full Circle spoke to CHART’s director Nancy Cooke about the collection of robots at the GHOST Lab at the Polytechnic Campus.

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AI Robots Are Here: Are We Ready?

CHART director Nancy Cooke speaks to Information Week about this rapidly advancing artificial intelligence technology.

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Dr. Nancy Cooke Of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society On The Future Of Robotics Over the Next Few Years

Nancy Cooke, director of CHART, spoke about the future of robotics over the next several years. Learn 5 things you need to create a successful career in the robotics industry.

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Sedona Forum 2023: Exploring the Nexus Between Geopolitics, Climate, and Trade

Nadya Bliss joined Senator Bill Cassidy and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse at the McCain Institute Sedona Forum to explore the nexus between geopolitics, climate and trade.

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How a computer scientist talks to her daughter about TikTok

GSI’s executive director Nadya Bliss talks to her daughter about TikTok + security, privacy and algorithms.

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The Limits and Possibilities of AI-Human Teams with Nancy Cook

Nancy Cooke speaks to ‘The Limits and Possibilities of Ai-Human Teams on the Naturalistic Decision Making Association podcast.

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10 tips from the pros on how to avoid getting duped by slanted or fake news

How can you avoid getting duped by slanted or fake news? Learn from experts like GSI’s executive director Nadya Bliss in this article from the News Gazette. in this

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Nadya Bliss is appointed to the National Academies’ Climate Security Roundtable

The Climate Security Roundtable is comprised of experts in academia, industry, and civil society, and will operate through September of 2025.

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Meet Cassie, the Usain Bolt of robots

Nancy J. Cooke, a professor of human systems engineering at Arizona State University, noted that robots are getting very good at doing things like running or kicking a soccer ball.

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Toward an Aukus-era Research and Engineering Strategy

Nadya Bliss explains how joint efforts to develop advanced national security capabilities in areas like cybersecurity, AI, and quantum computing can lead to better technology.

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Nancy Cooke speaks to the BBC about TESLA’s new humanoid robot

The BBC recently spoke to Nancy Cooke, executive director of GSI’s The Center for Human, Artificial Intelligence, and Robot Teaming (CHART), about TESLA’s new humanoid robot. 2:55.

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Truth or fiction? 5 steps to avoid getting duped by election season misinformation

The Arizona Republic spoke with two experts on misinformation, Julie Smith of Webster University in St. Louis and Scott Ruston of Arizona State University, to build a 5-step guide.

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Elon Musk faces skeptics as Tesla gets ready to unveil ‘Optimus’ robot

To succeed, Tesla will need to show robots doing multiple, unscripted actions, said Nancy Cooke, GSI’s director of The Center for Human, Artificial Intelligence, & Robot Teaming.

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Science of Misinformation, a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) podcast

GSI’s Scott Ruston recently spoke to ‘The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)’ podcast about the Science of Misinformation.

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The Robocalls Problem Is So Bad That the FCC Actually Did Something

Cybersecurity expert Adam Doupé spoke to Scientific American about how we might learn to trust our phones again, how robocallers reach our phones and why it’s so hard to stop them.

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The Cybersecurity 202 Network:/_

Jamie Winterton was added to The Network, a group of high-level digital security experts from across government, the private sector and security research community invited by

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Computing Research for the Climate Crisis

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) has released a new whitepaper on Computing Research for the Climate Crisis, coauthored by Nadya Bliss (Arizona State University), Elizabeth

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How The Colonial Pipeline Shutdown Highlights Flaws In U.S. Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks have become increasingly more common, but few have impacted daily lives and routines like this one has.

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