Global Security Initiative

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Global Security Initiative

Vision: A security and intelligence landscape transformed through interdisciplinary research and discovery, in which defense, development and diplomacy operate collaboratively to drive positive outcomes for complex global challenges.

About GSI

The Global Security Initiative (GSI) is a university-wide interdisciplinary hub for global security research that focuses on openness, inclusiveness and connections to the global defense, development and diplomacy communities. The initiative addresses emerging global challenges characterized by complex interdependencies and conflicting objectives, where there may not be obvious solutions. GSI also serves as ASU’s primary interface to the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community and ASURE (ASU Research Enterprise), an off-campus research facility.

Research efforts will also provide insights on new learning approaches to create and sustain the national security workforce needed to maintain a competitive edge in the global knowledge economy. 

Our Core Team

Nadya Bliss, Ph.D.
Director, GSI
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GSI Fellows

Ross Maciejewski, Ph.D.
Jacqueline Wernimont, Ph.D.
Dave White, Ph.D.

Jamie Winterton
Director, Strategy

Diana Aguirre-Rosales
Business Operations Manager

Amy Bennett
Project Manager

Gloria Espinosa
Assistant to Director, Nadya Bliss

Guadalupe Espinoza
Business Operations Specialist

Nate Evans
Operations Manager

Wes Herche, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Research

Aimee Hill 
Project Coordinator

Kristina Nelson
Project Manager

Heather Ross, Ph.D., D.N.P.
Research Scientist

Scott Ruston, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Shade Shutters, Ph.D.
Research Scientist 

Center Directors

Gail-Joon Ahn, Ph.D.
Center for Cybersecurity
and Digital Forensics

Adam Doupé, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Center for Cybersecurity
and Digital Forensics

Center Directors

Nancy Cooke, Ph.D.
Center for Human, 
Artificial Intelligence,
and Robot Teaming