Advanced capabilities for national security

The Global Security Initiative convenes world-class, interdisciplinary researchers and experts around mission-critical areas in support of national security. 

To produce tools, technologies, and programs that are impactful and useful to policymakers and implementers, GSI leverages ASU’s unique capabilities – its breadth of expertise, strength in interdisciplinary teaming, global footprint, advanced infrastructure, and leading educational platforms – to meet the mission needs of defense, security and intelligence communities.



Human, artificial intelligence and robot teaming

Narrative, disinformation and strategic influence

Accelerating operational efficiency

STEM education for national security

Sponsor engagement and proposal support

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Mission support

GSI prioritizes project execution to meet the mission needs of security and defense organizations. Financial support for GSI’s efforts to address long-term security needs are provided by government, industry and private foundations.


U.S Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Intelligence Community


Other government



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