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GSI's Executive director Nadya Bliss was interviewed by AZFamily about the recent suspension of Trump's social media accounts.


February 11, 2021,

Dr. Danielle S. McNamara, ASU Professor of Psychology and Director of the Science of Learning and Educational Technology (SoLET) Lab, will discuss recently-published articles in the new APA journal, Technology, Mind, and Behavior, that relate to CHART's mission to better understand human-robot interactions, artificial intelligence, and misinformation, as well as recent research in her lab.

December 14, 2020,

Innovation Quarter lasts through Jan. 8 immersing attendees in fun, intriguing topics and creative projects that explore new ideas, build connections and develop valuable professional development skills. Global Security Initiative put together several sessions, covering topics such as national security, cybersecurity, human-AI robot teaming, and disinformation.

Hear from GSI's Scott Ruston on the role social media played in the recent riots at the U.S. capitol building in this FOX10 article and video clip.

KJZZ speak to GSI's Trista Zobitz, project coordinator for ASU's Cybersecurity Education Consortium on the importance of cybersecurity education.

How can we stop the deluge of disinformation flooding the internet and social media? The use and spread of disinformation — false or misleading information intended to deceive people — is being amplified and accelerated at an alarming rate on the internet via social media.

Open-source curriculum from GSI's Cybersecurity Education Consortium (CEC) aims to demystify the field and close big jobs gap. ASU Now speak to CEC project coordinator, Trista Zobitz on how Arizona State University has ramped up an initiative to draw young people to work in this critical field.

ASU cybersecurity expert, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering associate professor and GSI researcher Paulo Shakarian breaks down the recent government and FireEye hacks.

The latest tech often misses a key ingredient — security — and GSI's executive director Nadya Bliss is helping launch a drive to create an industry change.