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January 31, 2020,

1:00-2:30pm, ASU Polytechnic Campus, Santa Catalina Hall, Room 151

November 8, 2019,

ASU Polytechnic Campus, Santa Catalina Hall, Room 151

GSI Director of Strategy comments on safety concerns of common apps for ASU's student newspaper

ASU co-hosted the annual National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education conference in Phoenix in November, with GSI leading ASU's involvement

GSI partnered with ASU's New College and IBM to host a girls-only event at West Campus for more than 200 middle school students interested in cybersecurity

Tips to staying safe online in a connected world: PBS AZ Horizon discussed the topic with GSI Executive Director

Director of Strategy Jamie Winterton featured in a NY Times article on online privacy tips

GSI leaders offer tips for ensuring children's data remains secure