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GSI CHART researchers are developing artificial intelligence that can communicate with humans within Minecraft


March 4, 2020,

12:00-1:30pm, ASU Polytechnic Campus, Santa Catalina Hall, Room 151

January 31, 2020,

1:00-2:30pm, ASU Polytechnic Campus, Santa Catalina Hall, Room 151

The ASU News Co/Lab helps people juggle the relentless stream of information that bombards us daily and become smarter media consumers. By improving media literacy, they hope to stem the spread of disinformation.

ASU GSI faculty play leading role in international hacking competition, design obstacles for the world’s best teams

An algorithm, called Defend, is being developed by GSI's ASU professor Huan Liu & doctoral student Kai Shu to scrutinize news being shared on social media and warn consumers of its potential falseness. Read this EdScoop article for more.

GSI's Cybersecurity Education Consortium talked to ASU Professor of Practice Kim Jones, who offered tips on how to implement a successful internship program virtually.

ASU engineers are developing a program that not only will detect fake news, but also explain what is wrong about it, to help reduce the spread of disinformation online.

Disinformation increases social divisions and undermines our democracy. ASU Research Scientist Scott Ruston says that defending ourselves against this willful deception is part of our civic duty — and explains how to do so.